China Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Flowmeter Manufacturer

Dual channel
Low voltage multi pulse
Heat measurement
Carbon steel body
Dual power supply:24VDC &220VAC

China Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Flowmeter Manufacturer

因为维ifferent customers have different needs, we hope to providecoriolis mass flow meter accuracy,Modular Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter,Handheld Water Flow Meterand services that meet customer needs through effective configuration of technology, production and service elements. We welcome your drawings and samples. Scientific management, high-quality products and satisfactory service are our development tenet. We take it as our mission to provide the market with more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly related products.

Product brief:

Flange ultrasonic flow measurement according to the “differential transit time” method: This method uses two sensors, set opposite in the measuring tube. Each sensor can alternately transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, while simultaneously measuring the signal transit time.

When the fluid in the tube starts to flow, the signals are accelerated flow but delayed in the opposite direction. The differential transit time, measured by the two sensors, is directly proportional to the flow rate.

flange ultrasonic flow meterflange ultrasonic flow meter

Product feature

2 way input


Bi-directional flow measurement

Backlight LCD


Large measuring ,surface more ultrasonic wave reflection.

Widely use in waterworks and heat exchange station

Multiple inputs and outputs

Remote type multi-channel ultrasonic flow meter could 3.6 V power supply and battery life about 5 years

The flow meter is based on microprocessor technology and has its own complete flow measurement instrument. Compared with other types of flow meters or other ultrasonic flow meters, in addition to the remarkable characteristics of high precision, high reliability, high performance and low price, it also has many features and functions


Flange ultrasonic flow meter widely used for Municipal heating, Water, industry, Mines, Power plants, such as Produced water, Light oil, De-ionized, Diesel, Gasoline, Alcohol, Cooling water

Choose mode:

1. Fluid and fluid temperature

2.基体材料:碳钢、SS304 SS316

3. Installation structure:Integral,Remote(Wall mounted)

4. Output:4-20mA,RS485,OCT

5. Sizing:DN50~DN1200

6. Power supply:3.6V,24VDC,220VAC

7. Pipe material

How to choose installation place:


In an effort to finest meet up with client's requirements, all of our operations are strictly performed in line with our motto 'High quality, Competitive Rate, Fast Service' for China Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Flowmeter Manufacturer. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of gaining credibility through honesty and diligence in creating luster, and adhere the market and technology-driven operating model. We have modern laboratory testing equipment and a group of senior scientific and technical personnel, with mature technology and rich practical experience.

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