Measuring Instruments Digital Noise Sound Level Meter

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Measuring Instruments Digital Noise Sound Level Meter

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The sensor of the meter pulses in the direction. they are reflected back and received by the sensor.The meter measures the time t between pulse transmission and reception by using the time t (and the velocity of sound) to calculate the distance D between the sensor membrane and the product surface:

D = c •t/2. As the device knows the empty distance H from a user entry, it can calculate the level as follows: L= H – D.

B:Blanking distance

D:distance value

L:level value

H: installation height

F:level span

digital level meter


* Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S.

* High stability and reliability

* Precise linear and temperature compensation

* ZERO and SPAN calibrate available

* Explore structure and design

* Smaller blind zone

* All English menu and operate


* Applicable for various liquids, powder and solid

* Low failure rate, easy to install, easy to maintain

Measure Range

The instrument has the following range specifications:

Liquid level: 4m,6m,8m,12m,20m,30m;

Material level: 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m

Blanking distance














1. The sensor is easy to be installed ,and the installation position of the main unit is flexible

2. The main unit can realize the multi-point alarm,multiple communication

3. Patented intelligent echo processing technology to ensure accuracy and stability

4. Patented sensor technology make the sonic pass through sensor easily, provide the min blind zone and high sensitivity.

5. The sensor could equip with PTFE or PVC material which could apply to a variety of working conditions ,health optional.

6. The length of the wire between sensor and main unit be 1000 meters , anti-interference.

7. Electronic-heat sensor could be choosed to resist low temperature

8. Solar power supply ,signal wireless transmission scheme

9. It also can be customized according to customers’demands

Installation Notice

Please take some methods to avoid the level meter from sun shading and rain.

Please do not install the meter on the top of material infusion entrance.

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